Visit from Martha Kearney Journalist and Reporter for the BBC

Martha Group Two

A big thank you to the staff that supported my first attempt to secure a guest speaker through the charity ‘Speakers for Schools’.

We were originally paired with Martha back in June and as she is a high profile presenter for the BBC with a determination that politics and the media should be within reach of young people.

Martha spent the second half of this morning with us and did a great talk on, amongst other things, life reporting in Afghanistan and covering the Trump election. She was happy to have Q&A and took a massive array of questions from Years 10-13. These included: “Do you think Theresa May will still be PM this time next year…” to “Would Hilary Clinton have become President had she been a man…” Such GREAT Sociological and Citizenship based questions. She was very pleased with the breadth of the questions asked and confidence of the students asking.

A said to me before the talk: ‘Miss, Martha is kind of a big deal – how did you get her to come here?!’ – whilst realising that she has 340,000 twitter followers and that Martha had told them she was going to tweet the talk after she leaves them this afternoon.