Othello Dance East Theatre Ipswich

MG 7958

On Wednesday 15th November Miss Gemma Smith, Head of Drama took 13 students from both Year 9/10 took to the stage for a compelling production of Othello in Dance East Theatre, Ipswich. They were truly fantastic and worked incredibly hard. Stowmarket High School were continuously praised on set for their upmost professionalism, conducting tech runs as would a professional theatre company! Abbi Blair’s enthusiasm with her extremely convincing strangling of Sarah Moloney, (Desdemona) made for a harrowing (yet slightly concerning) moment!

Lucy Dineen’s commitment on stage showing anger and upset was harrowing and Holly Aldous’ ability to create an original and delicate Iago made for meddling success.

All 13 cast members did a fantastic job and should be incredibly proud of themselves. We congratulate them on their accomplishments to bring this tragic tale to life.

The all-star cast includes:

Abbi Blair – Othello
Sarah Moloney – Desdemona
Holly Aldous – Iago
Gold Ipindumi – Brabantio
Anya Gower – Cassio
Christopher Parr – Roderigo
Paige Smith – Montano
Jade Baldwin – Lodovicio
Lucy Dineen – Emilia
Becky Parker – Bianca
Toby France - Ensemble
Laura-Jayne Gerrard – Ensemble
Isabelle Hueck - Ensemble