MG 7620


 A*- C (including vocational)       60%

A*- C (excluding vocational)      49% (significant drop on previous years)


Vocational subjects continued to perform very strongly:


ICT          93% Distinction*               7% Distinction

 HASC     100% pass                       90% Distinction or above.


A level performance was notably very weak with the exception of Art, Photography, Design and Psychology. 65% of subjects are now ALPS blue which means that they range in the bottom 25% to bottom 5% of performance on a national scale.



 4+ English and Maths                     60%

5+ English and Maths                     40%

5A*-C incl. English and Maths        57%


GCSE outcomes were significantly better than in 2016. Maths made significant improvements and English also improved. 70% of GCSE subjects showed improvement in attainment this year. Significant observations include:


  • 4+ English and Maths has improved from 45% to 60%
  • %A*C including English and Maths has improved from 41% to 57%
  • Pupil Premium still lags behind non-Pupil Premium – 39% achieved 4+ in English and Maths, 39% also achieved 5A*C including English and Maths
  • 60% of students currently in receipt of free school meals achieved 4+ in English and Maths which matches the performance of those not currently receiving free school meals
  • Boys outperformed girls, with 62% of boys achieving 4+ En&Ma and only 57% of girls achieving this benchmark
  • 5+ En/Ma compares favourably (anecdotally) with other schools that achieved higher 4+ scores than us
  • Science made a significant improvement with the percentage of students gaining 4+ rising from 41% to 60%
  • 8 students gained a 9 in Maths – this represents 5% of our students which is significantly above the national percentage of 2.6.